Kostelní náměstí (Church Square) with St. Peter’s and Paul’s Church forms an important part of the urban composition of the original medieval town of Broumov. The church is erected in the middle of the square dividing its space into two parts. Being the smaller one, the southern part is mainly used by town inhabitants who walk into the town centre. The northern part is much larger and is used rather differently. Inhabitants of the town and students of nearby schools mainly rest and spend their free time here. Before the reconstruction, the square was largely an unpaved grassy slightly sloped ground. The architects flattened it out connecting it into one paved area. The surface of the square was now re-paved with the original granite paving complemented by small areas paved with splinters of touchstone. Horizontal surface is the basic spatial element of the new arrangement of the northern square. The space cuts into the original area which naturally slopes towards the town walls. The architects leveled out the different height of the sides of the square with staircases and built a small amphitheatre on the northern square. One side of the staircase amphitheatre is supplemented by in-built benches, the other is lined by an alley of basswood. There is a small drinking fountain in the middle. The southern square is paved like the northern part. There are no elevation differences here, although the paving slowly drops along the side of the church. In the middle of the southern square there is a several meters long bench that was designed newly. A significant role in the new arrangement of both surfaces of the square is played by in-built artificial lighting. The main lights of the northern square are directed underneath the amphitheatre benches at an angle. Fluorescent lamps of the in-built lighting cast an indirect light upon the square thus emphasizing the different levels of the amphitheatre. The main indirect light is complemented by more lamps embedded in the paving. The southern square is designed in a similar way. Fluorescent lamps are embedded in the long bench in the middle of the paved area. At night, the paving is pierced by a clear line of light going towards the south of the church. When the lamps are lit the evening square experiences a metamorphosis which changes its very sober image at daytime into a magical night scenery.

A10 NL, Ing.Arch. Alexader Skalicky


Church square, Broumov

popis: zobrazit popis
realization: 2005-2007
project: 2005-2007
address: Kostelní náměstí
investor: Town Broumov
author: David Chmelař, Milan Vít